Sea Shield Backing Plate 5/8-11Threads, 7 inch, Velcro Back




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Makes changing pads quick and clean!

This product has a 7.5 inch diameter and makes changing pads easy. Simply attach to your dual-action polisher and the hook and loop design of the backing plate will hold all of your 9 inch pads. Changing pads is as easy as pulling one off and attaching another. No need to fuss with tools to attach a new pad. Save time and keep moving through the detail process.

Key Benefits

  • 7.5 inch diameter, 5/8 inch post- 11 thread spindle
  • Hook and loop design
  • For use with dual-action polishers
  • Makes changing pads fast & easy


  • Attach Backing Plate to your dual-action polisher.
  • Select a pad with a hook and loop backing and place firmly on Backing Plate.
  • Use the appropriate pad and product for job at hand and apply product according to directions.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Clear coated surfaces
  • Painted surfaces
  • Fiberglass surfaces
  • Aluminum surfaces
  • Plastic surfaces

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