1. Home Products Sea-Shield Coarse Yellow Foam Pad, 8 inch
Sea-Shield Coarse Yellow Foam Pad, 8 inch
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Sea-Shield Coarse Yellow Foam Pad, 8 inch

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Our 8" Double Sided Sea-Shield Coarse Yellow Foam Pad is the best foam deep polishing pad you can used. This high quality foam is designed to remove water spots and light oxidation finish when used with Sea-Shield Swirl Remover or Sea-Shield Final Polish without leaving heavy swirls. The double sided pad provides two pads at a very low price. Additional benefits include a more balanced pad since the pad is always centered.

Sea-Shield Coarse Yellow Foam along with the Sea-Shield Final Polish removes swirl marks and leaves an amazing finish in seconds. You can follow up with Sea-Shield Exhaust Guard Wax to protect your paint finish afterward.

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