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Separate the grit from the wash mitt or brush with the Grit Guard Insert!

Scratches and swirls on the surface of a boat are caused by improper boat washings. Dirt and grit from the boat’s surface are trapped in mitts and brushes. The Grit Guard Insert keeps dirt and other contaminants away from your wash mitt or brush. Grit Guard is a wash bucket grate system that prevents your brushes, sponges and wash mitt from reaching the bottom of the bucket where the grit in the wash water settles. Gravity causes dirt to settle to the bottom of the container and the four quadrant design calms the wash water keeping contaminants on the bottom and the wash water cleaner. The Grit Guard Insert is resistant to solvents, extremely durable and very functional. No more time wasted removing swirls and scratches caused by improper boat washing.

Key Benefits

  • Cleans wash mitt or brush
  • Separates contaminants from wash water
  • Prevents swirls and scratches
  • Solvent resistant


  • Place the Grit Guard Insert into the bottom of any 12 inch diameter bucket.
  • Mix your favorite vehicle wash product according to directions.
  • Use with a clean, soft wash mitt or a high quality wash brush.
  • Always rinse all wash supplies well after use.

Note: Can be used in any 12 inch diameter bucket.

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