Jun 06 2018 Developer Webinopoly

Sea-Shield Protect Your Boat's New or Old Paint

For years, yacht owners around the world have depended on the full line of SEA-SHIELD® premium yacht detailing products to protect their vessels from the harsh conditions they face at sea. Now those same products are available at marine stores to
protect boats of all sizes.
"Our products are perfect for the conditions that boaters face on the Great Lakes," said SEA-SHIELD® founder Francisco Linares. "We originally created the SEA-SHIELD® line to protect mega yachts facing the harshest conditions out on the open ocean. You know that if they can stand up to those extreme winds and constant UV and salt exposure, they will easily protect your boat here on the Lakes," he continued.
The SEA-SHIELD® brand of products was developed by experienced professionals and crew working within the boating and yachting industry. Whether your boat's exterior is gelcoat, glass, stainless steel, wood, plastic or acrylic, SEA-SHIELD® uses the latest in technology to clean, polish, protect and restore your vessel's exterior to its original luster.
"We developed a polishing system that provides a barrier against oxidation while burnishing the shine on paint. A paint/gelcoat restoration or protection system can't last forever, so being realistic, we developed a system that can be refreshed fairly quickly
and only needs reapplication about once a year," said Linares.
The full line of products includes the SEA-SHIELD® Polishing System which restores the dull nish on a weathered paint job/gelcoat and
the SEA-SHIELD® Paint/gelcoat Protection System which protects the nish of a newly-painted boat. Both treatment systems have the potential to save boat owners thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their vessel. The goal is to provide a line of products that clean faster, polish better and protect longer than any other products in
their class.

Linares was raised in David, Panama and spent more than 10 years as a crew member on a number of yachts all over the world. In 2008, after years of working on crews and coming to understand the marine product and service business from many angles, he launched SEA-SHIELD®. In an eort to grow and expand the SEA-SHIELD® brand, Francisco now travels all over the world training detailers the SEA-SHIELD® process and creating a network of SEA-SHIELD® Certied Businesses.
SEA-SHIELD® is looking to expand distribution into the Great Lakes area with retailers, wholesalers and detailers. If your favorite marine shop does not carry SEA-SHIELD® products, be sure to ask them to – SEA-SHIELD® has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk in trying it out. SEA-SHIELD® also has an aliate program for organizations interested in selling SEA-SHIELD® products online. For more information on SEA-SHIELD® or to purchase the full line of products, visit