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Sea-Shield Metal Polish 1 Gal
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Sea-Shield Metal Polish 1 Gal

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  • Removes light scratches
  • Restores original finish
  • Provides brilliant shine

DESCRIPTION Sea-Shield Metal Polish is a liquid rouge that quickly removes oxidation and restores a brilliant shine to dulled stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and chrome. For best result use in combination with Sea-Shield® Soft Felt Pad. This ammonia-free formula wipes on and off with little effort. For long lasting protection, apply Sea-Shield® Nano Coating.

INSTRUCCTIONS Apply Sea-Shield® Stainless Polish & Shine to a felt polishing pad and polish stainless using even pressure then wipe off excess using a cotton rag. When working on an area near paint or gel coat, avoid getting black residue into it as staining can occur. More polishing and pressure will remove more of the fine scratches. May be applied by hand or by machine. See Stainless How To’s for machine polishing www.sea-shield.com/faqs.


  • Chrome

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