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Sea-Shield® Glass Polish is a completely water-based solution and can be used to remove hard water spots, light scratches, and stains providing a clean and prepped surface for the Sea-Shield Nano Glass Protection System or any other glass protection.


Directions: Wearing talc-free latex gloves at all times throughout the process to prevent contamination, apply Sea Shield Glass Polish to a wet yellow scrubbing applicator pad. On wet glass apply a scrubbing pad in a circular motion on glass. Make sure to scrub glass thoroughly by hand applying water to the glass periodically to prevent drying. Switch to Sea Shield hand felt pad apply glass prep to pad and then firm pressure on glass in an even circular motion for final polish and finish. Rinse the glass with water. When water sheets evenly across the entire surface use a brand new microfiber cloth (unwashed) saturated with 95% distilled water and 5% Sea-Shield MPC Multipurpose Cleaner to remove excess and contaminates. If excess water evaporates evenly and no spots or contaminants are left apply glass coating if contaminants still remain repeat steps until desired results are reached.

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