About Us

Sea-Shield offers aftercare products, buffing pads, compound, polish, synthetic wax, and ceramic coating products, as well as application services in conjunction with our advanced surface restoration training for the mega-yacht and boating industry. Your first port of call for boat protection.


Professional excellence

Francisco and the team put skill, time and effort into every job – they are passionate about providing a truly first-class service; so you know your vessel will be handled with the utmost care and precision. Our years serving in international marine crews go hand in hand with Sea-Shield's Trademarked range of Professional Ceramic surface treatments. When properly applied, these will restore your vessel's original paint to like-new – affording owners both protection and peace of mind.


Sea-Shield's product range uses state-of-the-art Ceramic Coating based on Nanotechnology and includes effective treatments for glass, metal, paint, plastic, gelcoat and other surfaces. These will provide your boat with a super-durable and effective protective layer in the most adverse marine conditions.

Global business

Through our global partnerships, Sea-Shield has become the provider of choice for discerning mega yacht owners and professional crew members all over the world – giving us the gold-seal endorsement of thousands of satisfied customers.

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