About Us

Sea-Shield provides elite protective and restoration solutions – both products and services – for the mega-yacht and boating industry.

Your first port of call for boat protection

Founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Francisco Linares, Sea-Shield understands what it takes to maintain and restore a yacht so it looks stunning – and stays protected from the elements.

During lengthy fishing expeditions in Alaska and Panama, talking to mega yacht owners gave crew-member Francisco the idea of launching a company dedicated to providing expertise and excellence in boat maintenance and restoration, bolstered by the best products and equipment.

Professional excellence

Francisco and the team put skill, time and effort into every job – they are passionate about providing a truly first-class service; so you know your vessel will be handled with the utmost care and precision. Our years serving in international marine crews go hand in hand with Sea-Shield's Trademarked range of Professional Ceramic surface treatments. When properly applied, these will restore your vessel's original paint to like-new – affording owners both protection and peace of mind.


Sea-Shield's product range uses state-of-the-art Ceramic Coating based on Nanotechnology and includes effective treatments for glass, metal, paint, plastic, gelcoat and other surfaces. These will provide your boat with a super-durable and effective protective layer in the most adverse marine conditions.

Global business

Through our global partnerships, Sea-Shield has become the provider of choice for discerning mega yacht owners and professional crew members all over the world – giving us the gold-seal endorsement of thousands of satisfied customers.

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