Sea-Shield Medium Compound 1 Gal




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Fine Cutting & One Step

Remove Light Scratches and Swirls

Non- Dusting Formula

With Buffing Lube®

Very Concentrated Formula

Description: Medium Compound is our newest medium compound that delivers excellent new cutting while finishing almost swirl-free. Our Medium Compound is a non-dusting, synthetic abrasive polishing compound specially designed for hard marine paints, clear coats and gelcoat that also works like a one step.



Directions: Our Medium Compound will easily remove, scratches and swirls created from our Heavy Cut#1/Cut & Polish #2 Mix and Cut and Polish #2 Compound, while perfectly preparing the surface for the next step, our Final Polish. After Final Polish, follow with Sea-Shield Coating System. “it works like a One Step”. Can be used on both paint and gelcoat. Use with our Sea-Shield White Cut & Polish Pad 9 inch on a Rotary Buer or DA Action Polisher.

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