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Sea-Shield Nano Coating 1 Gal

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  • Extremely Water Repellent
  • Prevents Color Fading
  • Hyper Concentrated Formula
  • Very Durable
  • Extreme UV Protection.

DESCRIPTION Sea-Shield ®Nano Coating is the longest lasting protection you can apply to your yacht or boat on a variety of surfaces including but not limited to paint, stainless steel, vinyl cushions, rubber, gel coat and acrylic surfaces. This product takes minutes to apply to a clean and dry surface. Simply wipe on and buff out the excess.

INSTRUCCTIONS Apply to a clean dry surface only. For best results apply to a properly prepared surface. This product is designed for hand application only using a microfiber sponge applicator. Mist the applicator (not the surface) with a single spray of Nano Coating . One spray is enough sealant to cover a surface area of 3 to 5 square feet. Apply a very thin coat to the entire surface rub in thoroughly until only a light film remains then wipe off all excess.  Allow to dry 8 to 12 hours before getting wet. For additional protection apply SEA-SHIELD Exhaust Guard after the Nano Coating is fully cured.


  • Paint
  • Gelcoat
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Metal


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