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We Specialize in ceramic coating Applications

SEA-SHIELD @ Specialized in Exterior Yacht Detailing and Surface Restoration.


Gelocat Cut-Polish-Protection

SEA-SHIELD @ Specialize in the restoration and protection of Gelocat finishes. Gelcoat thicker and harder than paint, and there are many ways to remove oxidation from Gelcoat finishes and bring back the original shine. Properly maintaining your Gelcoat finish is one of the most important aspects of yacht maintenance. We work with and sell only the highest quality, most durable and environmentally friendly compounds, polishes and nanotechnology coatings available


Glass Window Deep Cleaning

SEA-SHIELD @ provides glass polishing and protection on most glass surfaces. We specialize in water spot and scratch removal. SEA-SHIELD restores glass to "like new" condition by using special techniques and tools to remove hairline scratches and swirls caused by faulty prior cleaning methods. We believe that a well-protected glass surface should be crystal clear and free of contamination. We provide a unique window coating made from nanotechnology ceramic coating.


Paint Restoration and Newer Paint Maintenance.

Special care is required to restore and protect yacht paint (Awlgrip, Alexseal, Alwcraft). SEA-SHIELD @ understands the care needed to keep your yacht protected from the harsh environment that surrounds it every day. Repainting is expensive. By industries and by using improved techniques and newly developed micro polish and nano poly-coatings, we are determined to stretch the useful life of the yacht paint.

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A thin film or layer of polymer material placed at the nanoscale level to a surface is called a Nano Coating. It provides outstanding durability and protection.

Ceramic Coating offers many advantages, such as improved resistance to stains, scratches, UV rays, and chemical damage. It also produces a hydrophobic surface that makes cleaning and upkeep simpler. Additionally, it improves the gloss and shine of the coated surface, giving it a bright, new look.

Protection: A Boat's and yacht surface can be shield by ceramic coating from water, chemicals, dirt, scratches, and UV radiation.

Appearance: A Boat's and yachts appearance can be maintained using ceramic coating.

Durability: Surface will stay shine longer and protected from black streaks also surface will be protected for a year or more.

There are several benefits to Nano Coating, such as improved durability, scratch resistance, protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays, water and oil repellency, and reduced damage. It also makes maintenance and cleaning easier.

Yes, ceramic coating and nano-coating are often used interchangeably. Both terms refer to a protective coating that utilizes nano-particles. These particles bond with the surface on a molecular level, providing an ultra-thin layer of protection.