Sea-Shield® World's Best Boat Shine and Protectant
Jun 05 2018 Developer Webinopoly

Sea-Shield® World's Best Boat Shine and Protectant

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 26, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- In a remarkable turn of events, arguably one of the strangest in the history of car care, a product designed to protect and add a deep, glass-like shine to multi-million-dollar mega-yachts is now being called the best automotive polish on the market. "Think about it," says Francisco Linares, creator of SEA-SHIELD®. "Boats and yachts face the absolute harshest environment to an external nish: constant wind, sun, and salt. Automobiles have it relatively easy by comparison. But we started hearing reports from places like Michigan, Utah, Colorado, you know, places with a lot of snow and salt on the roads in the winter, and people absolutely love the protection SEA-SHIELD provides their cars."

Visitors to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show might be surprised to learn that this premium exterior polisher and protectant has become popular among high-end automobile owners and detailers. SEA-SHIELD has earned a well-deserved reputation in the world of megayachts due to its remarkable ability to not only protect and extend the life of boat paint and other exterior nishes, but to add an amazing mirror-like shine that makes yachts look brand new. And now high-end automobile owners are turning their backs on traditional car waxes and are entrusting the care of their six-digit-priced cars to SEA-SHIELD. The company hypothesizes that the trend of using SEA-SHIELD to dramatically extend the high polish and protection of a car's exterior nish began with crews of noted mega-yachts, who were tasked with not only keeping the yacht's exterior nishes clean and protected, but also the various other high-end vehicles belonging to the yacht owners. This elite, uber-rich group is notoriously picky, yet SEA-SHIELD's mirror-like nish and protective qualities managed to impress even them. "We've seen cases where a car was polished and protected with SEA-SHIELD and left without further protection for over a year, and water still beads and rolls o the surface," says Linares. "That kind of outstanding weather resistance is what helps spread the word around." So the next time you're visiting the yacht club and you see someone polishing a Bentley-GT with a yacht protectant, don't think they've gone o the deep end… once you see that Bentley glittering in the sun, you'll realize its owner is smarter than you think. Be sure to stop by booth number 3025-3026 at the Ft. Lauderdale boat show and check out the full line of SEA-SHIELD products.

ABOUT SEA-SHIELD® SEA-SHIELD has saved yacht owners literally millions in re-painting costs "One of the biggest costs in maintaining a yacht is in its coatings system. Paint manufacturers are recommending that yachts be painted every four to ve years," says Linares. "With paint jobs starting at $300,000 and getting as high as $2 million for a yacht in the 125-foot to 200-foot range, that gets expensive, especially during these economic times." The SEA-SHIELD® brand of products was developed by experienced professionals and crew working within the boating and yachting industry. Whether your boat's exterior is gelcoat, glass, stainless steel, wood, plastic or acrylic, SEA-SHIELD® uses the latest in technology to clean, polish, protect and restore your vessel's exterior to its original luster.

"We developed a polishing system that provides a barrier against oxidation while burnishing the shine on paint. A paint/gelcoat restoration or protection system can't last forever, so being realistic, we developed a system that can be refreshed fairly quickly and only needs reapplication about once a year," says Linares.