Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is the SEA-SHIELD® System like regular wax? No. For many years, boat owners and detailers have relied on products from 3M™, Meguires® and Collinite Wax for boat detailing and waxing, but those products were designed primarily for cars. SEA-SHIELD is designed specifically to restore and protect watercraft from the harsh conditions caused by constant exposure to salt water and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Unlike wax, SEA-SHIELD uses a proprietary technology developed to restore surfaces to like-new condition.

  1. Is SEA-SHIELD System the same as a Cleaner Wax?
    No. The SEA-SHIELD System is a step-by-step process to restore a surface to like-new condition.
    We do offer SEA-SHIELD Cleaner Wax that could be used to deep clean-polish and protect paint and gel coat. But like all cleaner waxes, it does not offer a like-new finish on ageing paint or gel coat.

  1. Can anyone learn the SEA-SHIELD System?
    Yes. Even though we have skilled technicians who can perform the work for you, we have also developed a support program where anyone can learn how to restore various surfaces with the appropriate system – if they are willing to put some work into it!

  1. Is the SEA-SHIELD System throughout the U.S. and different countries?
    We work with a network of professionals around the world to offer the SEA-SHIELD System. On larger projects, our in-house surface specialist supervisor travels to the location to assist and supervise the work.

  1. So, what are the protection products?
    Choosing the right protection for your needs is determined by the type of surface it will be applied to and how long it needs to last. SEA-SHIELD offers 3 different types of protection:- SEA-SHIELD Nano Coating: multi-surface coating with UV inhibitors and hydrophobic properties that hydrate and protect surfaces. SEA-SHIELD EXHAUST GUARD®: a resin-based surface sealant designed to seal and protect finishes from black streaks, engine exhaust, industrial fallout, salt air, acid rain and UV rays. It also seals and protects paint, gel coat and hypalon, as well as providing an amazing wet look shine. SEA-SHIELD Ceramic: a non-toxic surface coating for marine vessels and land vehicles in harsh environments with EXHAUST GUARD Technology. This product handles temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and permanently bonds to most surfaces. It protects from UV rays, corrosion, hard water, salt and exhaust build-up while providing a super gloss and mirror-like shine.

  1. What specific product would you recommend for a brand new super yacht? For new paint protection, we recommend SEA-SHIELD EXHAUST GUARD. We also offer EXHAUST GUARD Ceramic for water lines and boats with heavy exhaust issues. This is permanent, but it can be buffed out or lightly sanded to remove – in case you need to touch up the paint.

  1. Can it be applied to brand new paint without preceding steps?
    . EXHAUST GUARD can be applied to new paint without any preparation as long as the paint is clean and shiny.

  1. What’s in the product? What makes it work? Polymer? Ceramic?
    EXHAUST GUARD Sealant is a polymer-acrylic
    -based surface sealant designed not only to protect an exterior finish and repel black streaks, but to give a deep, mirror-like shine. What makes it work is a proprietary formula that creates a dry, hard finish (instead of regular polymer sealants and natural waxes that stay sticky and absorb contaminants). The EXHAUST GUARD Ceramic is a Nanotechnology Ceramic Coating that provides a strong mechanical bond to the surface. This creates a hard shell that is resistant to chemicals and exhaust residue and to which nothing sticks.

  1. How is it applied? What is the procedure?
    The EXHAUST GUARD Sealant can be applied by hand –
    or you can use a slow RPM dual-action polisher with a soft pad to help spread the product on large surfaces; then wipe off excess. The product is best applied in 3 to 5 sq/m sections and wiped off section by section. The EXHAUST GUARD Ceramic should be applied with our applicator towel in small sections to a clean, shiny surface; excess should be wiped off after application within 1 to 3 minutes (depending how hot it is). We have found that 2 coats (with 30 to 60 minutes in between) performs the best (depending on humidity). Please note that after 8 hours, it cannot be re-coated as nothing will stick. We have a special primer to reapply the ceramic coating after it has completely cured.

  1. Can it be applied by the crew or only professionally?
    EXHAUST GUARD Sealant can be applied by the crew – and we actually encourage reapplication as often as the schedule allows. The EXHAUST GUARD Ceramic is dry to the touch in about 1 hour, but it takes approximately 5 days to complete the curing process for a more scratch-resistant surface. In fact, it is currently being used by many yachts for maintenance in areas like cap rails, water lines, flat tops etc. Areas like side brows or large surfaces should be applied professionally, as any excess product not buffed out during the first 5 minutes will require a fine polish to remove it.

  1. How long does it work for?
    In typical marine conditions, bearing in mind it depends on how the yacht is used, the EXHAUST GUARD Sealant applied to a vessel with moderate usage will last about 6 months. However, we encourage crews not to wait until the product gets dirty or is no longer performing at its best. Obviously different areas of a yacht get more sun exposure than others and therefore application may be more needed in those areas. We recommend a fresh surface application as often as schedule permits. EXHAUST GUARD Sealant is easy to remove with any solvent for a repainting process. EXHAUST GUARD Ceramic could last 1 to 2 years (depending on the area), and it can be lightly polished and reapplied. The surface is resistant to chemicals or light abrasion – it is such an effective product, even heavy exhaust soot will not stick to the paint; nor will it not crack like other ceramic coatings.

  1. Can it be over coated with itself or does it need to be fully removed before re-application?
    EXHAUST GUARD Sealant can be re-coated at any time. Surface preparation is only necessary if it has deteriorated or hard water marks, salt or exhaust are visible. This product can be easily removed by hand on newer paints using any type of solvent.

  1. Do you offer any guarantees in terms of results and longevity?
    We have considered offering a warranty. However, there are factors beyond our control (such as crew using chemicals
    prematurely to deteriorate the surface protection). So while we don’t offer a formal warranty, we have built our business on satisfied, repeat clients, and in order to ensure maximized use of our products, we will do what it takes to train your crew appropriately. Competitors offer weak warranties that can leave customers unhappy in the long run; whereas we will try our best to fix the problem to your liking. We can also restore fender marks or faded paint jobs through our SEA-SHIELD Paint Restoration System, a multiple-step process that restores shine and protection on older paint (and buys more time between paint jobs).