Yacht and Boat Detailing and Surface Restoration

SEA-SHIELD® specialize in exterior yacht detailing and surface restoration. 

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Gelcoat Cut-Polish-Protection

SEA-SHIELD® specializes in the restoration and protection of Gelcoat finishes. Gelcoat is thicker and harder than paint, and there are many ways to remove oxidation from Gelcoat finishes and bring back the original shine. Properly maintaining your Gelcoat finish is one of the most important aspects of yacht maintenance. We work with and sell only the highest quality, most durable and environmentally friendly compounds, polishes and nanotechnology coatings available. Technology is always changing and improving. SEA-SHIELD® stays at the front of the pack by choosing to work with cutting-edge nanotechnology products as part of our core line of protective coatings. Our buffing process is scratch and swirl free and we use innovative tools found in the aeronautical industry which have consistently produced outstanding results year after year.

Paint Restoration and Newer Paint Maintenance.

Special care is required to restore and protect yacht paint. SEA-SHIELD® understands the care needed to keep your yacht protected from the harsh environment that surrounds it every day. Repainting is expensive. By researching yacht paint and nanotechnology industries and by using improved techniques and newly developed micro polish and nano poly-coatings, we are determined to stretch the useful life of the paint that protects your yacht. Trust SEA-SHIELD to provide the best possible paint protection in the industry.

Glass Window Deep Cleaning and Long-Term Nano Coating Protection.

SEA-SHIELD® provides glass polishing and protection on most glass surfaces. We specialize in water spot and scratch removal. SEA-SHIELD restores glass to "like new" condition by using special techniques and tools to remove hairline scratches and swirls caused by faulty prior cleaning methods. We believe that a well-protected glass surface should be crystal clear and free of contamination. We provide a unique window coating made from nanotechnology that gives your glass an extremely durable hydrophobic effect (water repellent). We assure that your marine glass will be protected for up to two years.

Stainless Steel Polishing (Hand and Machine)

SEA-SHIELD® understands the intense care it takes to maintain stainless steel. Our metal restoration service, using a Nanotechnology-based product, removes rust and tarnish from all metal types – shining and protecting against future erosion.We also provide full machine metal buffing on stainless steel, taking light or deep scratches that make the steel look dull to a new mirror finish. This is done using top-of–the-line FEIN POWER TOOLS and skilled technicians.

Plastic Restoration

SEA-SHIELD® provides cleaning and restoration on a variety of surfaces including acrylic, Corian, polycarbonate (Lexan) and plastic.Whether removing scratches or contamination, SEA-SHIELD® produces outstanding results by using only top-of-the-line, proven products and techniques.We also provide cleaning and conditioning of Isinglass, improving visibility and preventing cracks.

Teak Deck Maintenance

SEA-SHIELD ® provides full teak deck restoration. We specialize in two-part cleaning (teak minus and teak plus), sanding, re-caulking and protecting your teak. While we believe in keeping the teak natural, we understand that in some circumstances protection is required. When the conditions dictate, a protective coating is applied to the teak. We work with the best teak oil and teak sealers on the market, providing your yacht with the most state-of-the-art finish possible.