Teak Minus & Teak Plus

From The ECO-Detective - Clean Teak Decking and The Environment
- By Russ Grandinetti  

I first saw Teak Minus and Teak Plus used on a boat in Florida last May, and I was surprised to find out that such an environmentally friendly product has been around for 35 years.

This truly biodegradable two step process for cleaning and restoring teak decking involves first the use of an Alkaline scrub to clean the teak (Teak Minus); followed by a teak restoration treatment (Teak Plus).
The Teak Minus is a phosphate free water dilutable base concentrate that breaks down dirt and pollutants in the teak. A great characteristic of Teak Minus is that it's easy on soft woods, and it requires only a minimal amount of scrubbing.
The Teak Plus is an acid companion water dilutable concentrate. It restores the teak luster, and it also doesn't harm paint varnish or fiberglass. The result is better by far than traditional teak cleaners.
When Teak Plus is applied on top of Teak Minus, the result is a solution which is neutral in ph when rinsed back into the water. In fact it is so neutral that a famous resort has been using it on teak decking over a pirate ship lagoon containing live fish for the last 20 years.
Another bit of trivia - the inventor of Teak Minus and Teak Plus was a chemist who became a preacher and environmentalist in later years. Talk about being