Jun 05 2018 Developer Webinopoly

New Sea-Shield After-Paint Treatment Products

One of the biggest costs to maintain a yacht is in its coatings system.  Paint manufacturers are recommending that yachts be painted every four to five years," said Francisco Linares, owner of SEA-SHIELD®. "With paint jobs starting at $300,000 and getting as high as $2 million for a yacht in the 125-foot to 200-foot range, that gets expensive especially during these economic times."

The Art of Paint Restoration

The SEA-SHIELD®brand of products was developed by experienced professionals and crew working within the boating and yachting industry. The SEA-SHIELD® Polishing System includes three products to restore weathered and dull paint: SEA-SHIELD® Heavy Cut #1, SEA-SHIELD® Cut and Polish #2 and SEA-SHIELD® Swirl Remover #3. The SEA-SHIELD®Polishing System is currently being used by SY Zenji, SY Lady B, SY EtherealMY Diamonds Are For Ever,MY Golden Odessey, MY Laura, MY Ocean Victory andMY Oasis.

"As people in this industry know, salt water is probably the worst thing for a boat, and paint jobs are expensive," said Steve Brownsea, captain of MY Dumb Luck. "Protecting the paint finish when it is new or restoring it to extend the date of the next paint job just makes sense.We've only had to use the Sea-Shield system once in the last two years and our paint job from 2003 still looks great."

The Science of Paint Protection

Within The SEA-SHIELD® Paint Protection System, there are two products that help preserve and extend the life of a paint job: SEA-SHIELD® Nano Coating and SEA-SHIELD® Exhaust Guard.  Nano Coating is made of a proprietary blend cross-linking polymers with a high concentration of UV inhibitors. The cross-linking polymers form a strong covalent bond producing a coating that is both UV and water-resistant. The SEA SHIELD® Exhaust Guard, which protects the surface from exhaust residue, contains acrylic resins and is applied to the surface after the Nano Coating has cured.When used to the manufacturer's specifications and application schedule, the SEA-SHIELD® System protects the paint and can keep the surface looking like new for up to 10 years. 

"We developed a polishing system that provides a barrier against oxidation while burnishing the shine on paint.A paint restoration or protection system can't last forever, so being realistic, we developed a system that can be refreshed fairly quickly and only needs reapplication about once a year," said Linares.

SEA-SHIELD products are currently available in ports including Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Miami and Stuart as well as in San Diego, Spain and the South of France. SEA-SHIELD® is looking to expand distribution to other major ports around the world and is preparing for wholesale global distribution in the upcoming quarter.


With plans to expand into the consumer products category, SEA-SHIELD® Paint Protection Car Kit will be introduced later this year. This new kit is designed to protect the coatings system on cars, trucks, motorcycles and RV's from the harshest of road and weather conditions.

For more information about SEA-SHIELD® and all of its products, visit www.sea-shield.com.

For information on distribution or to become a wholesaler, visit www.sea-shield.com/wholesale