Jun 06 2018 Developer Webinopoly

M/V ******* 76 meter (248'6") FEADship

M.Y.***** is a 76 meter (248'6”) motor yacht built by FEADship and delivered in January 09.
We have used SEA-SHIELD, represented by Francisco Linares on two occasions and been very satisfied with both their work and their products for Paint, Stainless and Glass.
Francisco gave the crew excellent tuition and guidance in the use of all his products while he was onboard, we have already bought a small amount from him with every intention of buying more when the Yacht does its next stock up.
I would have no hesitation in recommending both his product and services, which I am sure I will be using again sometime in the future.

M/V **** 76 meter (248'6”)  motor yacht built by FEADship