Jun 06 2018 Developer Webinopoly


To whom it may concern,

During a recent shipyard period in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida we contracted Francisco from Sea Shield who came highly recommended by colleagues in the industry who had worked with him in San Diego, California to restore, polish and preserve our 2 year old blue and white Gelcoat as well as all the windows after two very hard seasons in the Med. 
Francisco polished the entire hull and superstructure as well as all windows and port lights and we are very happy with the results. The exhaust and salt stains on the hull came off very easily with the Sea Shield products and the Gelcoat looks brand new again. The salt stains on the hull windows that we thought would take a lot of work to restore came up very nicely and without much hassle.
We have since purchased other Sea Shield products and Francisco was very helpful in training the deck crew in there use so that we can continue to preserve the Gelcoat and windows and keep them both looking great through the coming year.
Francisco was professional and efficient at all times and always made sure that we were 100% happy with his work.
I highly recommend Francisco and Sea Shield to any other yacht looking to restore their Gelcoat or paint and will definitely being hiring them next year to polish the boat again.

Lloyd Bernard

Captain MY Chiqui