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The Makita Polisher, Variable Speed Polisher is a powerful circular polisher that allows professionals to easily renew finishes!

Sometimes a dual-action polisher just isn’t enough for really tough scratches and swirls. You need the cutting power of a serious circular polisher to penetrate the clear coat and smooth over rough edges to restore your paint to its original flawless finish. The Makita, Variable Speed Polisher does just that and converts to a powerful sander. You’re getting two great machines in one! This polisher has a variable speed from 600 to 3000 rpm for super-slow buffing to aggressive polishing. The electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load. The lock-on button allows you to use the Makita continuously at one speed. This button also allows you to use the machine as a sander on your wood projects. The 10 amp motor makes the Makita work tirelessly, no matter how often and aggressively you use it. The machine weighs only 6.6 pounds so you can work for extended periods without tiring your arms. The Makita 9227 features a large, comfortable handle and a convenient spindle lock in the polisher to make changing pads easy.

This polisher is for experienced detailers or professionals. The Makita 9227 is excellent for avid detailers who don’t trust their vehicle to anyone else. The variable speed control and powerful motor make this polisher easier to use than many circular polishers, but still very effective. In skilled hands, the Makita, Variable Speed Polisher will eliminate scratches, swirls, and blemishes to restore the smooth, uniform finish to your vessel.

Key Benefits

  • 600 to 3,000 rpm variable speed
  • Electronic speed control lock
  • Eliminates scratches, swirls and blemishes
  • For professionals and experienced detailers


  • Prepare the Makita Variable Speed Polisher for use by attaching handle and backing plate following product directions.
  • Choose pad and product appropriate for the job at hand.
  • Attach pad to the hook and loop backing plate.
  • Always work on a clean, dry and prepared surface.
  • Work in a small area at a time. Wipe away the remaining residue with a microfiber towel.

Note: This polisher is for experienced detailers or professionals. Always follow product directions for application speed settings.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Clear coated surfaces
  • Painted surfaces
  • Fiberglass
  • Gelcoat surfaces

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