Sea-Shield Buffing Lube, 1 gal





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Make buffing easier and extend working time with Sea-Shield Buffing Lube!

Sea-Shield's Buffing Lube adds lubrication to compounds and polishes making working the surface easier. And Buffing Lube extends the working time of your compounds and polishes. This is especially important when working on large surfaces that are exposed to the elements, which is typically the case when servicing large marine vessels. Buffing Lube prevents premature drying of product during the buffing process, making the most of your compounds and reducing the amount used.

Key Benefits

  • Compounds and polishes have more working time
  • Great on heavily oxidized surfaces
  • Helps prevent damage to paint and gel coat
  • Easy wipe off and clean up


  • In a separate container or squeeze bottle add compound/polish then add Buffing lube and mix thoroughly. Mixing ratio 16:1.
  • Apply product to buffing pad or surface to be worked.
  • Wipe away any remaining residue

Note: Adding too much lube will cause compounds to lose their ability to polish.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Gelcoat surfaces
  • Metal surfaces

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