Sea-Shield Final Shield 1 Gal





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  • Silica Resin Formula (Water Base)
  • Works on almost all surfaces
  • Creates wet and shiny finish
  • Ceramic Spray Top Coat

    DESCRIPTION Sea-Shield® Final Shield is the most versatile and easy to use protection you can apply to your yacht or boat on a variety of surfaces including but not limited to paint, gelcoat, metals, vinyl, leather, black trim, hypalon,Isinglass, and acrylic surfaces. This product takes minutes to apply with instant results.

    INSTRUCCTIONS Final Shield can be used on full straight, diluted with water for a quick spray wax and also added to Sea-Shield® Polishes, Nano Fresh and Exhaust Guard (4 oz for every 12oz of product) this will make Sea-Shield Protection Products have better performance and achieve the ultimate wet shine Finish.
    Apply with a Microfiber or with a SEA-SHIELD® Applicator Pad. Spray product on the applicator (not directly over the surface).
    Apply a very thin coat to the entire surface. Wipe on thoroughly until only a light  film remains, wiping off all excess. For protection against oils and exhaust apply Sea Shield Exhaust Guard after the Final Shield is used.


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