Sea-Shield Hand Polishing Soft Felt Pad, 4x6 inch, Pkg/12




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Bring out a brilliant shine with Felt Polishing Pads!

Ideal for use on stainless steel and aluminum, Felt Polishing Pads bring out the brilliance of bright work by hand.Use with your preferred metal polish, such as Sea-Shield Stainless Polish & Shine and buff away tarnish, scratches, and other minor surface imperfections.You will be amazed at the level of shine that can be achieved by hand! After polishing, protect your stainless steel and aluminum surfaces with a high quality sealant to maintain the renewed shine and prevent deterioration from exposure to elements.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect size for hand polishing
  • Great on stainless steel & aluminum
  • Brings out a radiant shine


  • Use Felt Polishing Pads to polish stainless steel and aluminum surfaces
  • Place a small amount of metal polish on felt pad
  • Buff by hand removing tarnish, minor scratches and renewing the shine

Note: Do not use on painted surfaces or coated aluminum

Recommended Surfaces

  • Stainless Steel

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