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Sea-Shield Nano Fresh 32oz

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  • Quickly cleans and protects
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Enhances Sea-Shield® Nano Coating

DESCRIPTION Sea-Shield® Nano Fresh is a water-based cleaner/surface protection, environmentally-friendly product that contains no petroleum distillates.Because it is water repellent it helps protect against both pollution and dirt adhesion. Sea-Shield®Nano Fresh works on most surfaces, and is an excellent cleaner/protection booster spray for surfaces that have been coated by Sea-Shield® Nano Coating,  Sea-Shield Glass Coating, Sea-Shield Exhaust Guard and Sea-Shield Cleaner Wax.

INSTRUCCTIONS For use on paint, glass, metal and acrylic surfaces. Spray Nano Fresh on clean microfiber towel and wipe dirt off of any wet or dry surface. For a wash down mix 2oz. into a five gallon bucket of Boat Soap for extra cleaning power and protection boos


  • Paint
  • Gelcoat
  • Glass
  • Plastic



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