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Sea-Shield Surface Prep 1 Gal
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Sea-Shield Surface Prep 1 Gal

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  • Cleans paint, acrylic and clear vinyl safely
  • Prep surface for Sea-Shield® Nano Coating
  • Easy wipe off excess

DESCRIPTION Sea-Shield® Surface Prep is a fine, non-abrasive product that deeply cleans clear plastic vinyl and paint. Remover black streaks , exhasut marks water spots, reduces fine surface scratches, and increases over-all paint gloss. Sea-Shield® Surface Prep leaves behind a special primer designed to promote proper bonding of Sea-Shield® Nano Coating protection. Using Sea-Shield® Surface Prep greatly enhances and extends the life of Sea-Shield® Nano Coating.

INSTRUCCTIONS Apply a small amount of product to a cotton rag and clean surface applying medium pressure, clean until all contamination is remove, then wipe off all excess using a clean micro fiber towel. To clean very hard water spots or heavy stains see How To’s www.sea-shield.com/faq .


  • Paint
  • Gelcoat


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