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TEAK MINUS is a quality controlled biodegradable, phosphate free chemical, with no acid in the formula. It was developed specifically for use in the marine industry. TEAK MINUS is concentrated to emulsify/breakdown the dirt, grease, oils and other pollutants that accumulate in teak wood.

Heavy clean (1) part TEAK MINUS to (3) parts water
For lightly soiled teak, dilute (1) part TEAK MINUS with (10) parts water, or use our general cleaner, LESTRAIN(1) part to (3-5) parts water, and follow with TEAK PLUS.
Don’t get this product on anodized aluminium - it will etch it!
When using TEAK MINUS, scrubbing with a “doodle bug”, or a soft brush will be ample for application. Each user can use his own experience as to desired dilution after becoming familiar with use of these products.
TEAK MINUS is not to be rinsed form teak unitl TEAK PLUS, the companion neutralizer, is applied after scrubbing.
If you get TEAK MINUS on the skin, always have vinegar present, or have a pail of 2% solution in water to quickly neutralize it, and rinse completely with plenty of water. If you get it in your eyes, rinse for 15 minutes with water and call a physician. It is suggested that goggles and gloves be worn when using these products for safety. Keep all chemicals out of reach of children and animals. 3 Gallon Container
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